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We work on weekdays from 7:00 to 17:00 Moscow time
We help buyers make the wholesale purchases directly from China.

Wholesale products from China

We collect the order from different suppliers in our own warehouse in China
We carry out the compliance check of products
We get customs clearance and deliver to your city
Товары оптом из Китая

AsiaOptom — is a platform that lets you see the China’s domestic market. It’s the place where it’s possible to find unique products for your business, as well as choose a supplier.

  • We successfully help our customers to purchase products from Chinese manufacturers.
  • We can help you to find products and learn how to look for products properly and effectively
  • You don’t have to be good at international trade, currency legislation, tax laws, logistics and customs clearance to work with us.
  • We have specialists who know Chinese, specialists in customs clearance, certification and logistics.

Making an order, it’s important to pay attention to a few points that will help you to understand all the advantages of working with us.

  1. Order from fewer suppliers and more products from each of them.
  2. Choose and order products of lightweight customs commodity groups: clothing, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, underwear, etc.
  3. Order products that have high prices and light weight. In this case, it will be profitable to purchase the products even taking into account delivery cost.

The minimum order amount is 500$ because this is a wholesale site and we work mainly with major supplies.

Roman, Tver

Perfectly, everything is perfectly well. Before Asiaptom Company I looked for intermediaries who would buy the goods for a percent of the amount at least, but no one agreed to work on small amount for one type of product (I mean I would like a little bit of one products, and a little bit of other products). Also I couldn't know correct product description, approximate only. And it was not possible to see what else this supplier has.

I didn’t have any questions about delivery. Delivery time was shorter than a manager said. I couldn't take away my order from Moscow, because I thought it will be later. I ordered crate (product is electronic) - I don’t know what is it, but it looked very perfect and I wouldn't it throw out.

The search system is a little difficult, you should accustom... But it is China, where on random request you can find spare parts for tractor Belarus, but you should be sure that it called exactly right. So basically you surf the catalog and look through everything.

You should really check to suppliers first, because I have a couple of broken boxes, and some other boxes were packed perfectly. I’m sure it was depend on packing of suppliers, not intermediaries.

About wishes... there is serious one... Search filters-it is impossible to use, you have to sort by price and scroll to the desired price category, because the slider jumps from 0$ to the nearest position 40$, the next 80$, then 115$... and when you look for goods between 10 and 15$, it becomes sad

Alex, Moscow

We worked directly through cargo before. But after the crisis we stopped buying goods from China. Since 2016 the demand has increased because the situation has stabilized, but we didn’t find our supplier. To work with new suppliers is a risk…

We made the first test order, everything is great! The company’s commission is small (about 20% according to our calculations), BUT at the same time - it is not necessary to open a currency account, negotiations, guarantees and many other problems - all this problems decide intermediaries, we are happy!

Rodion, Balakovo

Good evening. I made an order for the first time, very happy with the goods I got. Everything came in well-Packed boxes, all ptoducts were whole (nothing dented and broken). The manager answered quickly, delivery time was a month and a half (possibly because of holidays). I really like the fact that the staff checks the goods for defect and send real photos of the goods from the order. Thank you very much for the quality work, I hope the next order will be as qualitatively processed and delivered ))) P.S. is it Possible to return the old interface of the website? Where products could be flipped through the pages, as now the website is loaded for a long time and the products are not fully displayed.